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Our Candidate Endorsements
June 5, 2018 California Primary Ballot

U.S. Congress

Anna EshooU.S. Congresswoman, 18th District
Zoe LofgrenU.S. Congresswoman, 18th District
Jimmy PanettaU.S. Congressman, District 20


Ricardo Lara
Ricardo LaraCalifornia State Insurance Commissioner
Cathleen Galgiani
Cathleen GalgianiCalifornia State Board of Equalization
Bob Wieckowski
Bob WieckowskiCalifornia State Senate District 10
Judy Appel
Judy AppelCalifornia State Assembly District 15
Marc Berman
Marc BermanCalifornia State Assembly, District 24
“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of BAYMEC, the peninsula and south bay’s oldest LGBT advocacy organization. At a time of renewed hatred and bigotry throughout the country, I’m proud to continue the fight with BAYMEC for full marriage equality and equal rights for all Californians.”
Kansen Chu
Kansen ChuCalifornia State Assembly, District 25
Ash Kalra
Ash KalraCalifornia State Assembly, District 27
Evan Low
Evan LowCalifornia State Assembly, District 28
“I’m honored to again receive an endorsement for re-election from BAYMEC, the premier LGBTQ civil rights organization in South Bay and beyond. I am committed to advancing social justice for all communities. Working together with BAYMEC and other like-minded organizations we will continue to move equality forward.”
Mark StoneCalifornia State Assembly, District 29


Mike Wasserman
Mike WassermanSanta Clara County Supervisor, District 1
“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of BAYMEC, a group that has worked tirelessly to safeguard LGBTQ rights,” Wasserman said. “As County Supervisor, I have worked closely with Supervisor Ken Yeager to ensure that our government is helping LGBTQ individuals and communities to thrive here in Santa Clara County.”
Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha
Susan Ellenberg and Don RochaSanta Clara County Supervisor, District 4
Don Horsley
Don HorsleySan Mateo County Supervisor, District 3
“I am so proud to have earned the endorsement of BAYMEC, the pioneering organization that has fought for the rights and freedoms that our LGBTQ community now enjoys. It hasn’t been an easy fight and there is more to do. I am committed to working with BAYMEC to ensure that the LGBTQ community continues to thrive.”
Ryan CoonertySanta Cruz County Supervisor, District 3
Jimmy DutraSanta Cruz County Supervisor, District 4
Jeff RosenSanta Clara County District Attorney
Laurie Smith
Laurie SmithSanta Clara County Sheriff
Scott DavisMonterey County Sheriff
Larry Stone
Larry StoneSanta Clara County Assessor
“I am honored to once again have the support of BAYMEC. Discrimination is repugnant and I have spent my entire career fighting discrimination be it against Women or members of the LGBTQ community. More importantly I have worked to equal the playing field
and added my voice with BAYMEC in favor of so many issues from early support of gay marriage to the emerging transgender issues.”
Sandie Arnott
Sandie ArnottSan Mateo County Treasurer-Tax Collector
Nancy Magee
Nancy MageeSan Mateo County Superintendent of Schools
“I am excited and honored to have earned the endorsement and support of BAYMEC in my bid for San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools.

I have spent my career advocating for the health, wellness, and success of all students, but especially for our LGBTQ and immigrant youth and their families, who are often more at risk of bullying, harassment, or self-injurious behavior.

As County Superintendent, I will fight for inclusive policies, training and support for school staff, and more opportunities for youth to be advocates and leaders so we can help students find their place in the world and lead happy, successful lives.”

Nancy MageeSanta Cruz County Superior Court Department C Judge
Syda Cogliati


Sam Liccardo
Sam LiccardoCity of San Jose Mayor
“I’m proud and honored to have the support of BAYMEC. This group is wholeheartedly committed to working hard to improve the lives of thousands of people in our LGBT+ community, not just here in San Jose, but across the Bay Area. I will continue to do all I can to support their important work.”
Chappie JonesCity of San Jose Council District 1
Raul Peralez
Raul PeralezCity of San Jose Council District 3
“Our campaign is proud to be endorsed by BAYMEC. Fighting for justice and equality for all residents is at the heart of my values and our campaign, and to have BAYMEC affirm those values empowers my ability to continue the progress we have made for the LGBTQ community in San José. We do best when everyone is afforded an equal chance to thrive, and as San José faces some major projects and changes ahead, we must ensure those changes include and lift up our LGBTQ neighbors, business-owners and friends that visit our city. Silicon Valley has been a home for many disaffected communities, and I will continue to build upon that welcoming and inclusive spirit so our LGBTQ friends and family have a safe place to live and grow, like all of us.”

“The work I do as a Councilmember is not limited to meetings and City Hall, but it’s stepping out into the community and standing with or standing up for our neighbors whose voices are attacked or maligned. I am thankful for the work we have accomplished with our LGBTQ community across Silicon Valley, and with great partners like BAYMEC, to not just work on furthering equality, but also in celebration of the LGBTQ community and their contributions to our city. Love wins, and I look forward to further advancing equality across San José, and to the day when who you love is no longer a matter for division, but a cause for inclusion.”

Maya Esparza
Maya EsparzaCity of San Jose Council District 7
“I am honored and excited to earn BAYMEC’s endorsement,” Esparza said. “In my roles as a Franklin-McKinley School District board member and non-profit leader, I have been on the front lines of fighting for LGBTQ rights. As a city councilmember, I want to make sure that the LGBTQ community is included in the decision-making process.”
Magdalena CarrascoCity of San Jose Council District 5
Shay Franco-Clausen
Shay Franco-ClausenCity of San Jose Council District 9
“BAYMEC’s endorsement means that the vision of LGBTQ leadership is possible at all levels. I believe that this position will provide me the platform to increase the opportunities for the LGBTQ youth to have more spaces like Youth Space, Billy DeFrank Center. I hope to help our community provide an increase to the visibility of LGBTQ youth programs and safe spaces throughout all of the San Jose.

I believe as a City Council Member I will be able to work with BAYMEC and its members to establish a better line of communication. I am certain that a strong relationship with BAYMEC will help to provide the most up to date needs within the LGBTQ community. Leadership that mirrors the needs of all communities including LGBTQ specific best practices here in San Jose.”

Glenn Hendricks
Glenn HendricksCity of Sunnyvale Council Seat 2
“I am proud to be associated with BAYMEC, an organization that champions respect and rights for all members of our community,” Hendricks said. “I look forward to working hand-in-hand with BAYMEC on issues that affect LGBTQ residents of Sunnyvale and the rest of the region.”

“As Mayor, Mayor Hendricks has been a strong advocate for and ally of the LGBTQ community,” said BAYMEC Vice President Paul Escobar. “We are proud to stand with Mayor Hendricks and look forward to collaborating with him to address the needs of the LGBTQ community.”

Tyller Williamson
Tyller WilliamsonCity of Monterey City Council
“I’m honored to have been endorsed by BAYMEC, ‘the only PAC dedicated to advocating for the civil rights of LGBT people.’ I’m also excited to help promote the organization in Monterey County, where we have very few LGBT elected officials. Thank you BAYMEC!”
Robert GarciaMayor of Long Beach

In case you missed our candidate forum for the Santa Clara County District 4 Supervisor Race

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2018 endorsement process

Candidates for any elected office in our four-county region of Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties are eligible for a BAYMEC endorsement. A BAYMEC endorsement is extended to those candidates with a history of supporting the LGBTQ members of their community, candidates who have been active in supporting LGBTQ-supportive policies or causes in their communities, and/or candidates who have a plan to improve the lives of LGBTQ people through the elected position they are seeking. BAYMEC does not limit its endorsement to LGBTQ-identified candidates, and all interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

BAYMEC’s endorsement process starts with a questionnaire that helps evaluate both an individual’s history of supporting the LGBTQ community as well as their plan to improve the lives of LGBTQ people through the elected position they are seeking.

The Board may then invite candidates for an in-person interview to supplement the questionnaire, however, given the number of anticipated endorsement requests, the Board typically limits in-person interviews to races where multiple pro-LGBT candidates are running, high visibility races, or races of particular interest to the Board. Whether a candidate is invited to an in-person interview is not an indication of the likelihood of an endorsement.

Each endorsement is voted on by the entire board of directors. The Board reserves the right to make no endorsement in a race, even if a candidate for that office has requested an endorsement.

The endorsement request period is now over for all candidates on the June 2018 primary ballot. We are in the process of confirming and voting on official BAYMEC endorsements. They will be listed on this page as they are available. If you have any questions about the endorsement process please email Paul Escobar at VP@baymec.org.

To request a BAYMEC endorsement and have a questionnaire sent to you, please email VP@baymec.org.

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BAYMEC 2018 June Primary Endorsements

10 LGBTQ Candidates!

U.S. Congress

House of Representatives

District 18: Anna Eshoo
District 19: Zoe Lofgren
District 20: Jimmy Panetta

State of California

State Insurance Commissioner

Ricardo Lara (LGBTQ)

State Board of Equalization

Cathleen Galgiani (LGBTQ)

State Senate

District 10: Bob Wieckowski

State Assembly

District 15: Judy Appel (LGBTQ)
District 24: Marc Berman
District 25: Kansen Chu
District 27: Ash Kalra
District 28: Evan Low (LGBTQ)
District 29: Mark Stone

Santa Clara County


Laurie Smith

District Attorney

Jeff Rosen


Larry Stone

Board of Supervisors

District 1: Mike Wasserman
District 4: Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha (Dual Endorsement)

City of San Jose Mayor

Sam Liccardo

San Jose City Council

District 1: Chappie Jones
District 3: Raul Peralez
District 7: Maya Esparza
District 5: Magdalena Carrasco
District 9:  Shay Franco-Clausen (LGBTQ)

Sunnyvale City Council

Seat 2: Glenn Hendricks

San Mateo County

Board of Supervisors

District 3: Don Horsley

San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools

Nancy Magee (LGBTQ)

San Mateo Treasurer-Tax Collector

Sandie Arnott

Monterey County


Scott Davis (LGBTQ)

Monterey City Council

Tyller Williamson (LGBTQ)

Santa Cruz County

Board of Supervisors

District 3: Ryan Coonerty
District 4: Jimmy Dutra (LGBTQ)

Superior Court of Santa Cruz County

Department C: Judge Syda Cogliati

Other Cities and Counties

City of Long Beach Mayor

Robert Garcia (LGBTQ)