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BAYMEC continues to lobby for hate-crime legislation, transgender issues and to bring LGBT sensitivity to the forefront in the domestic violence field. Its work in a number of political campaigns around the central coast continues to grow. BAYMEC is represented in several community groups, helped build Monterey County’s annual Pride since 1992, helped establish domestic partner insurance for county employees in Monterey County, contributed importantly to the development and leadership of that area’s Hate Crimes Emergency Response Team, led in the defeat of public funding for a BSA troop requesting public monies for the repair of a facility being used by the BSA in the city of Monterey, provided workshops on LGBT history, and represented LGBTs in a number of grassroots initiatives and public forums. BAYMEC successfully lobbied the San José City Council to include bereavement leave for domestic partners and worked with cities and counties to implement domestic partnership coverage for their employees. BAYMEC joined in the community fight against Pete Knight’s Proposition 22 and for Sheila Kuehl’s AB222 and AB537.

BAYMEC is still active in supporting community-building efforts such as San José’s DeFrank Center, local AIDS efforts, breast cancer awareness and the struggle to secure equal rights for LGBT families. BAYMEC is a member of the Rainbow Network, The Network for a Hate-free Community and the Safe Schools Coalition of the South Bay. In addition, members of the BAYMEC board also serve in numerous capacities on committees, networks and commissions.